Privacy Policy for the Website

We value your privacy and question everything that stores or processes your personal information. With that in mind, we still needed a few external services to publish Mouseless. Here is everything you need to know.

Don’t hesitate to ask if there is something not explained:


We use Netlify to host our static website. It features continuous deployment from Git across a global application delivery network and full integration with Let’s Encrypt. Read Netlify’s Privacy Policy.


Gumroad is an online platform that enables us to sell Mouseless directly to you. Read Gumroad’s Privacy Policy.


We use Mailchimp to send out emails to you. However, we are about to switch to a self-hosted solution.


We use Plausible to gain insight about our visitors in general. It doesn’t track individual users per se and does not store any personal identifiable information. Go to their documentation to find out what Simple Analytics collects (and more importantly what they don’t).

Or have a look at the public analytics dashboard they provide. It’s not a stripped down version, it’s the exact same dashboard we use to check the traffic.

Privacy Policy for Mouseless

We don’t track your usage of Mouseless. A few points may need some explanation though:

License Check

When you start the app for the first time we ask you for your license key. To check if you have a valid license key, we send the key to the Gumroad API. The result is stored locally and never sent to someone else. Read more about the Gumroad API.

Screen Recording Permission

Mouseless asks you to give the Screen Recording Permission. We don’t use this to actually record your screen, but to check which app is currently running to show you the relevant keyboard shortcuts in the menu bar. Have a look at our code on GitHub.

Accessibility Permission

Mouseless asks you to give the Accessibility Permission. We need this permission to register a global keyboard shortcut to open Mouseless.


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