Keyboard Shortcuts for Webflow

Keyboard shortcuts may differ between keyboard layouts. Mouseless is smart enough to show the exact keys according to your layout.


  • Show shortcut cheatsheet /
  • Save as Snapshot S
  • Deselect/Abort
  • Delete Element
  • Show Publish Dialog P
  • Show Export Code Dialog E
  • Edit element
  • ‍Copy C
  • Cut X
  • Paste V
  • Undo Z
  • Redo Z


  • Preview mode P
  • Guide overlay G
  • Show element edges E
  • X-ray mode X
  • Desktop view 1
  • Tablet view 2
  • Phone (landscape) view 3
  • Phone (portrait) view 4

Left-hand Toolbar

  • Show Add panel A
  • Show Navigator tab Z
  • Show Pages panel P
  • Show Symbols panel A
  • Make selected element a Symbol A
  • Show Asset Manager J

Right-hand Tabs

  • ‍Show Style tab S
  • Show Settings tab D
  • Show Style Manager tab G
  • Show Interactions tab H

Style Panel

  • Add class to selected element
  • Rename Last Class on Selected Element


  • Select parent element
  • Select child element
  • Select next element
  • Select previous element
  • Toggle Collaborators on selected element L
  • Quick Find E

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